Participants are requested to bring their own laptops as we intend to make this Academy as paper free as possible. The working area will also have internet access as we shall be accessing different sites to inform our work during the training.

The following is a list of IB documents you will require. Please download all these documents before you come to the Academy to avoid delays should we encounter any internet connection problems. You do not need to print them.

IB cross programme documents available from the online curriculum centre (OCC)

  • Towards a continuum of international education (2008)
  • Programme standards and practices (2010)
  • IB learner profile booklet (2009)
  • Language and learning in IB programmes (2011)
  • Special educational needs in IB programmes (2010)

PYP documents available from the online curriculum centre (OCC):
  • The Primary Years Programme: A basis for practice
  • Making the PYP happen: A curriculum framework for international primary education
  • The Primary Years Programme as a model of transdisciplinary learning
  • Developing a transdisciplinary programme of inquiry
  • Exhibition guidelines
  • Coordinators Handbook 2011 /2012
  • Coordinators Notes (latest version)
  • Programme evaluation guide and self-study questionnaire: Primary Years Programme, effective January 2011, to be submitted as from December 2011

Documents available from the public website

Available from
Application procedure - new documents
Rules for candidate schools Programme standards and practices from January 2011
Guide to school authorization: Primary Years Programme
Rules for IB World Schools - new documents
Rules for IB World Schools - Primary Years Programme
New documents
General regulations - Primary Years Programme
Required text for candidate schools
Required text for candidate schools to use in marketing materials

Available from
PYP application timeline and fees guide - For schools with an academic year commencing August/September