What a day! No elevators....the DP Academy room cannot be used.....so here we are in the BREAKFAST ROOM, ready to have a cross programme session that had initially been planned for the end of the day.

So...............Session 16 became session 13 and we all looked at the admin part of the IB educator role.......

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SESSION 14 and 15
Workshop observation
  • What they are learning
  • How they are learning
  • The setting in which they learn

People have many different ways in which they prefer to learn, what helps some may hinders others. We need to take this into consideration when developing our workshops – we need to think about all the different ways in which people learn and have a variety of activities.

What helps us can be something that hinders someone else. As workshop leaders we tend to deliver and do things that we like, we need to be aware that people learn in different ways and incorporate these into the workshop as we plan.

Preparation time